When you know you need some tape so you can get the job done properly, more often than not you are faced with a large array of different types of tape. This could leave you wondering what the best tape for the job is, and there is always the chance you could use the wrong tape for the wrong job.

If you would like to pack some boxes away, you should use some double sided tape as its strong and able to hold boxes together without much trouble. As long as you don’t over-pack the box you shouldn’t have any trouble sealing it. A quality double sided tape can be used for a wide variety of jobs, but if you use it for anything other than packing, you should be aware the finish will not be as tidy or as easy to hide as some other tapes would be. This is why it’s important for you to try to get the right tape for the right job.

When it comes to home maintenance, you will find that packing tape will not usually be up to scratch. As I previously mentioned, packing tape is good when you’re packing boxes, but it’s not perfect for every job. If you’re doing work around the home, whether it’s your home or someone elses, you will probably need to use some velcro tape which is one of the more obscure types of adhesive tape. This tape is great at insulating a lot of things, and can be used on heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Velcro tape is also very flexible yet strong, and is ideal for a multitude of jobs around the home. This kind of tape is also weather resistant, which means it can be used on objects that are kept outside.